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Muskoka Bunkie


The Bunkie design extends a conventional brief for a 160 square foot sleeping cabin. The goal was to redevelop a ‘grandfathered’ site, abandoned on the highly prized waterfront for which new building is restricted.


The ‘Bunkie’ is a small cabin built in the woods on the edge of a lake, adjacent to an existing family cottage. Designed as a multi-use retreat and workspace, the space provides accommodation for the family or their guests, some of whom would appreciate privacy.

The building elements can move like a Swiss watch, with manually-driven gearing operations designed to easily transform the space and one’s connection to the surroundings with a convertible roof, a drawer-like deck floor, movable privacy screens, and a retractable picture window. The Bunkie functions perfectly well off the grid or connected to pre-existing services, without interrupting the existing watershed or tree canopy.


The ‘Bunkie’ allows an occupant to stay connected to the family, the environment, and individual pursuits, without compromise. Curving, zinc-clad standing-seam roofs, clear glazing, weathering grey cedar shingles, marine plywood, and a galvanized aluminum crib structure meet the natural rock as understated new elements on the shoreline.

Project Credits:

Architect: McCormack Architects
Structural: Hamann Engineering
Fabricator: Space Furniture
Photography: Jeremy McCormack